NEXUS Mission Statement

In the dynamic landscape where religion intersects with politics in the Middle East, NEXUS emerges as a pioneering publication with a distinct mission. Our primary goal is to serve the people of the Middle East and the global community by providing a nonpartisan platform that explores the intricate relationship between religions and politics in the region.

At the heart of our mission is a commitment to delivering insightful content that is both original and
accessible. NEXUS will feature a blend of scholarly articles, research contributions, and semi-popular
essays, creating a space where complex ideas are presented in a manner that resonates with a divers
audience. We aim to transcend traditional boundaries, making our platform a valuable resource for
policy-makers, practitioners, scholars, and students alike.

Our vision is rooted in the belief that fostering understanding and dialogue is paramount to navigating
the complexities of the Middle East. By offering a curated selection of the best ideas and opinions, both
from our contributors and external sources, NEXUS seeks to be a comprehensive resource for those
seeking a deeper comprehension of the region’s socio-political dynamics.

As a publication committed to inclusivity, we understand the importance of reaching a broad
audience. Therefore, our content will be presented in a manner that is not only informative
but also easily digestible. We aspire to be a catalyst for meaningful conversations that
transcend borders and perspectives.

In line with our mission, NEXUS invites submissions of academic and semi-popular articles,
each with a maximum length of 3000 words. This call for contributions extends to those who
share our passion for unravelling the complexities of Middle Eastern religions and politics.
Through collaboration and thoughtful discourse, we aim to build a platform that encourages knowledge and dialogue within the unique context of religion in the Middle East.

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