Guidelines for submitting articles

The Haifa Laboratory for Religious Studies (HLRS) at the University of Haifa, Israel, invites scholars, diplomats, politicians, conflict resolution specialists, faith leaders, graduate-level students, and all individuals passionate about promoting understanding and dialogue within the context of religions and politics in the Middle East to contribute their insights and expertise to the Nexus – A Review of Middle Eastern Religions & Politics – a new digital platform by the Haifa Laboratory for Religious Studies.

About the HLRS: Situated in Haifa, a city renowned for its religious tolerance and diversity, our laboratory is a hub for fostering multifaith understanding and peace, particularly within the Middle East. We believe in engaging beyond the “ivory tower” and connecting with local and global religious communities to promote religious pluralism, freedom, and shared societal values within religiously mixed settings.

The mission of Nexus will be to serve the peoples of the Middle East, and the world, through a pioneering and nonpartisan publication platform at the intersection of religions and politics in the region. The platform will feature original articles and research, as well as semi-popular essays, in an accessible manner, while also curating the best of ideas and opinions published elsewhere. The audience is policy-makers and practitioners, scholars and students. We invite submissions of both academic and semi-popular articles of no more than 3000 words in length to be featured on our platform.

Topics of Interest:

  • Intersections of religions and politics in the Middle East (including North Africa)
  • Conflict resolution within the context of Middle Eastern religions
  • Multifaith dialogue and understanding specific to the Middle East
  • The impact of religions on Middle Eastern society
  • International relations and the Middle East with a focus on religious dynamics

Submission Guidelines:

  1. All submissions should follow the Chicago Style for writing and citation
  2. We do not accept articles previously published in any language.
  3. Publication is voluntary and does not include monetary compensation.
  4. Please provide a title and a copyright-free header photo.
  5. Articles can focus on the past and present or analyze the future within the context of Middle Eastern religious dynamics.
  6. We welcome well-reasoned political opinions, responses, and courteously candid conversation. However, Nexus will not publish political propaganda.

Review Process:
All submissions will undergo a rigorous review process to ensure quality and adherence to our guidelines.
Submission Address: Please send your articles to Dr. Pnina Shuker, Editor-in-Chief, at pninashu[at]
Join us in fostering understanding and peace through the power of knowledge and dialogue within the unique context of religions in the Middle East. Let your voice be heard at this critical Nexus of religions and politics in the Middle East.

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